Come Home Freddie is the Story of the Little Freddie the Poodle who has lost his way, and has to find his way Home.  Can you Help?

In the suburbs of the city full of cosy homes, lived a tiny poodle named Freddie. With his curly fur as white as freshly fallen snow, and eyes as dark as the midnight sky. Freddie was a bundle of joy, with a warm soul, always wagging his tail and bringing smiles to everyone he met. One day, Freddie was playing in his Garden, when he saw a strange light emanating from a hole in the fence. He had never seen this before so he went to investigate. Before he knew what was happening he was pulled into a swirling tunnel and was transported to a new Mysterious World.

Chapter 1: The Woodland Trail
In the heart of a lush green world, with towering trees touching the sky and sunlight dappling the forest floor, Freddie found himself lost in the maze of the forest, far from the comfort of his loving home.

Confused and alone, Freddie wandered through the labyrinth of towering trees and tangled undergrowth. The rustling leaves seemed to whisper warnings, and the shadows danced ominously around him. Yet, deep within Freddie’s brave heart, a spark of hope flickered. He knew he had to find his way back to the warmth of his family’s embrace.

Guided by the faint sound of a babbling brook, Freddie followed the melody of the water, his paws padding softly on the mossy path. He ducked under low-hanging branches, leapt over fallen logs, and squeezed through narrow passages between ancient ruins. Suddenly in the distance,  he saw these strange Alien creatures, hiding among the leaves, trees and shrubbery. Each one would approach trying to stop him from progressing through the forest’s maze. Undeterred Freddie soldiered on, taking the obstacles head-on, knowing he must escape this unfamiliar world.

Chapter 2: The Desert Oasis
As the sun began to dip below the horizon, casting long shadows across the forest floor, Freddie finally emerged victorious from the Woods and found himself in a vast Desert. The air was dry and hot, and the sand stretched out as far as the eye could see. With a determined bark, he ran across the dunes, his paws sinking into the soft sand. As he explored the Desert, he encountered ever more of these Alien Creatures. They slithered through the sand, climbing rocks and trying to stop Freddie. What are the secrets of these Strange Worlds, Freddie thought, as he battled on through the harsh desert environment?

After braving the scorching heat and the endless dunes of the desert, Freddie continued his journey, guided by the stars twinkling in the distance. He followed the path that was carved out by sandstorm routes, his paws padding silently on the hardened sand, until he finally reached an oasis. The air was cool and refreshing, and the lush greenery was a welcome sight. With a joyful bark, he bounded through the oasis, his tail wagging furiously. As he explored further, he encountered a Kettle of Birds nesting in the palm trees, but just like the Aliens these birds also were trying to slow Freddie down.

Chapter 3: The Winter Wonderland
As Freddie continued his journey, the weather began to change. The air grew colder, and snowflakes began to dance in the wind, swirling around him. Soon, the landscape transformed into a Winter Wonderland. Everything was covered in a blanket of pristine white snow, and the trees were adorned with sparkling ice crystals.

Freddie, with his white fur blending seamlessly against the snowy backdrop, the unfamiliar cold nipping at his paws, and the sheer beauty of the Winter Wonderland energized him. He bounded through the snowdrifts, leaving paw prints as he explored this new terrain.

He encountered a friendly snowman with a carrot nose and coal eyes, who offered him a sip of warm cocoa from his hat. He even saw a majestic reindeer with a glowing red nose fly overhead, pulling a sleigh filled with presents!

Despite the joy of his magical encounter, Freddie knew he couldn’t stay in this Winter Wonderland forever. He had to find his way back home. A shimmering path of moonlight led him onward, urging him to persevere.


As he walked through the snow, he noticed a faint aroma in the air – the scent of his family’s home-cooked dinner. With renewed hope and a quickened pace, he followed the familiar scent, the snow crunching beneath his paws.

Finally, through the wintry landscape, he could see the now familiar strange light back at the fence he had entered. As he got closer he spotted through the blurry fence a warm glow emanating from a cosy little house. He recognised it. It was his own house! A wave of relief washed over him, and his tail wagged with newfound vigour.

He bounded up the snow-covered steps and nudged open the door with his wet nose. Inside, his family were huddled sadly as they sat by a crackling fireplace. As the door swung open and they saw a snow-covered Freddie they all gasped. Joyfully, they rushed to him, showering him with hugs and kisses. The warmth of their embrace melted away any lingering chills of the Winter Wonderland.

Freddie was finally home, safe and sound. He had faced the unknown, and navigated the Forest, the Desert, and the Winter Wonderland, ultimately finding his way back to the warmth and love of his family. And on that snowy night, snuggled by the fireplace with his loved ones, Freddie knew that no matter where his future adventures might lead him, he would always find his way back to the warmth of their Love.

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